Report security breaches the Service Desk ICT Services

During office hours, please report security breaches to the Service Desk ICTS. Outside office hours or in the event of extremely serious security breaches, please contact Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Please report security breaches to:

What constitutes a security breach?

A security breach potentially has a damaging effect on your computer or the network by which you are confronted with loss, misuse or manipulation or information or copyright infringement. Examples include: unauthorised forced entry into a computer system (hacking) and the introduction of software viruses.


The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) oversees computer and network security and plays a coordinating role involving the prevention, detection and resolution of security breaches.

Without computer and network security, primary business processes are likewise in danger. The following scenarios are possible:

  • hacker activities shut down the financial administration system;
  • the email system no longer works because it has been taken over;
  • unauthorised individuals make off with research data;
  • simulations are disrupted as a result of computer or network failure;
  • AUAS student data is made public.
Published by  ICT Services 26 March 2024