Additional options

Would you like to be able to get even more out of Wooclap? You may find the following options interesting to use when teaching or presenting.

When you are teaching a large group of students, or teaching online, it is sometimes difficult to sense whether students still know how to follow your class. It can then be useful to activate the I'm confused button. Students then have the opportunity to click it, and as a teacher you can see at the top of the screen how many students indicate that they are lost. This can be an indication that you need to go deeper into a subject.

The function can be enabled in the tab Votes, in the Settings on the right (click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner). Click here for more information on using the I'm confused button.

Wooclap offers the possibility to use a Message wall. Enabling this allows students to submit comments or questions during the presentation, possibly with an image attached. There is also an option to let students like each other's contributions. As a teacher you can display the contributions and likes on the screen and discuss them during or after class. You can enable this function via the tab Messages.

During the presentation you can display the messages via the Messages button in the menu bar at the bottom. Note: This feature is not available when using Wooclap via the PowerPoint add-in. Click here for more information on using Messages, and to see what that looks like for students.

Do you want to preview student responses before they are displayed on screen? With the moderator function, you as the presenter can determine which responses will and will not be displayed on the screen. You can also control the presentation from a second screen (for example, on your smartphone). For information on using the moderation feature with Message wall, click here . For information on moderation for Word cloud interactions, click here .

Wooclap can also be used before, or after, a class. Instead of participating in a live session, participants can answer questions at their own time and pace. This feature is available at the event in the Participant pace tab. For more information on the about this functionality, click here .

Add a game element to your Wooclap presentation ('gamification'), by having students compete against each other using Competition mode. You can enable the function for your event, via the Settings on the right (click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner). It is recommended that you also enable the option Participant username, so that the participants can participate under a self-chosen nickname. For more information about this functionality, click here .

Do you want to be able to use the same event more than once? If it is not important to keep the results of the previous session you can Reset the session and start again. Click here for information about resetting session. If it is important to save the results of the previous session, you can duplicate the event. This is done from the My events screen (see blue bar at the top). Click on the three dots next to the relevant event, and then on Duplicate. A new Event is created, with (copy) behind the title.

After a session has taken place in Wooclap you can view the results. Several options are available through the settings of the event (click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner). With the button Grid you can display the results in the browser. Click Export results to Excel to download the results. The button Report generates a report for the session. You can also download a PDF version of the report. For more information about this functionality, click here .

You can share an Event in Wooclap with colleagues within the organization. This copies the session, so you cannot collaborate on the same event this way. Event sharing only works within the web application. Any slides uploaded with the event will then also be included in the copy. Sharing PowerPoint files containing Wooclap interactions is unfortunately not possible. For more information on sharing an Event with colleagues, and how to import it, click here .

20 August 2021