A-Z Students Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Relevant sources of information in addition to the Teaching and Examination Regulations

  • Students’ Charter: sets out all the rights and obligations of students and prospective students. The Teaching and Examination Regulations form part of the Students’ Charter.
  • Course catalogue: the digital information source containing all relevant information on the degree programme and the modules.
  • Interim examination protocols and guidelines: detailed rules governing how interim examinations and partial examination are administered.
  • Code of Conduct for Student Counsellors: guidelines for the professional conduct of student counsellors.
  • Studying with a disability: details of the special arrangements available for students with a disability.
  • Top-level Sports Regulations: contains details of the special arrangements available for students who are top-level athletes.
  • Entrepreneurships Regulations: contains details of special arrangements available for students who are entrepreneurs.
  • AUAS Testing Policy: AUAS agreements on quality and quality control of assessment.
  • Examination Board Regulations: these govern the composition, tasks and procedures of the Examination Board (only available in Dutch).
  • Selection list of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences: contains rules governing retention times for examinations and certificates (only available in Dutch).
  • Privacy Policy: contains the measures of the AUAS with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and the Data Protection Act (Wbp), (only available in Dutch).