Honours programmes

Students who are looking for extra challenge can enrol in an Honours programme. This offers insight into different subject areas from their core study - and the chance to meet other similarly motivated students.

Honours at AUAS

Honours programmes are for students ready to take an extra step in their development. Students who apply are enthusiastic, ambitious, diverse changemakers. Some have international ambitions, others want to stand out from the crowd and still others want to take a leap into whole new subject areas.

Whatever your motivation, if you want to push your boundaries and expand your talent - honours is a great way to do it.

Honours for first-year students: Talent modules

Honours education is available from your first year of study, and known as Talent modules. You will receive outstanding lectures from faculty and guest speakers, build a portfolio and collaborate on projects with other motivated students. There are no entry requirements. This way you can discover whether challenging honours education suits you, even after the first year. You will receive a minimum of 3 credits for each module and a certificate on completion.

Honours for further students: Modules & Programmes

In later years of your studies you will follow so-called Honours Modules and Honours Programmes. This can be an enhanced component of courses in your degree programme: a graduation track, a minor or an assignment in an existing course. Or they can are extra modules in addition to your existing courses. You will receive 5 credits for each module. You will receive a minimum of 15 credits for each programme. When you have completed at least 15 credits in honours education, you will receive a mention of this on your diploma.

Different Honours programmes

Your Honours programme will vary depending on your degree. During intake, you can find out from our faculty what their Honours programme involves, and whether you can include studies at other faculties.

Already an AUAS student?

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Published by  Education and Research 20 September 2023