Contemplation room

The AUAS offers three contemplation rooms on its various campuses. Staff and students can retreat to the contemplation room for a moment of silent reflection or meditation, or to escape the bustle of campus life.

The contemplation room is a neutral space. The room may not in any way be claimed or appropriated through decorations, inscriptions, furnishings, layout or the behaviour of users.

Where are the contemplation rooms?

The AUAS has a total of three contemplation rooms, which are located on its various campuses. All of the rooms are situated in a generally accessible area of the building.

  • Wibauthuis – 02C25
  • Fraijlemaborg – Ruimte 1.006
  • Jakoba Mulderhuis - stilteruimte (silent space) - 08D10

House rules

The following house rules apply in the contemplation rooms:

  1. From 07:30 till 18:00 the contemplation room is open to staff and students.
  2. The contemplation room is meant as a space where individuals can retreat, for a moment of private meditation or reflection for example.
  3. The contemplation room is meant for silent reflection; users are requested to respect the silence.
  4. Users are strictly forbidden from claiming or appropriating the contemplation room in any way, for example by means of decorations, inscriptions, furnishings, layout or behaviour.
  5. Personal attributes are allowed, provided that they are removed again after use. Centrally located lockers can be rented at the Service Point.

These rules are supplementary to the AUAS's general house rules and code of conduct.

More information about the contemplation room

If you have any questions or comments about the contemplation room, please contact Facility Services via

Published by  Facility Services 8 February 2024