FLOOR - AUAS debating centre

AUAS’ debating and events centre FLOOR offers space for sharing knowledge, meetings between students, lecturers, experts and the city of Amsterdam. FLOOR is part of the AUAS Library.


Education, research and professional field come together at debating and activities centre FLOOR. At FLOOR, students and employees from all schools can come together to attend lectures, debates, symposia, workshops and cultural activities, or even to organize events or other activities themselves. FLOOR has an advisory role in this and offers help finding the form that best suits the content. In addition, organisations from the city are welcome to organise activities and events at FLOOR, together with the AUAS/HvA, that are beneficial to education and serve to implement the key points of AUAS/HvA policy. In many cases, events taking place in FLOOR are also open to the general public.

Programmed activities

Attending debates, visiting symposia or productions, listening to presentations or lectures, watching a film or taking part in a workshop: all of this is possible. FLOOR also offers space for exhibitions. Roughly speaking, the activities fall into the following categories:

  • Open events
  • Activities on an invitation-only basis
  • Group or individual activities

You can use FLOOR for debates, lectures, book presentations, research presentations, conferences, pitches, symposia, discussions, workshops, master classes, film, exhibitions, music, theatre and training courses.


FLOOR is located on the ground floor in the Kohnstammhuis site and our office is on the first floor, in room 00A31. The platforms in the central hall are used for lectures, presentations and symposia. The FLOOR area, including the Library for the Amstel campus, is freely accessible. There are various options and facilities for individual or group study and work in the library, the mezzanine, the hotbed and the silent spaces. In the hall, there is an MI Cafe and a reading table with newspapers and books. There is also a grab & study with coffee and snacks in the library.

Published by  HvA Library 26 January 2023