Hogeschool van Amsterdam


Several locations of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) have car parks or other parking facilities.

AUAS car parks

Car parks are available at the following locations:

  • Fraijlemaborg
  • Kohnstamm building*
  • Leeuwenburg
  • Nicolaes Tulp building
  • Wibaut building*

* The car parks at the Kohnstamm building and Wibaut building are managed by Q-Park. You can find information about these car parks at www.Q-Park.nl (in Dutch).

Other parking facilities

The location Dr. Meurer building has a large parking facility with enough parking places, free of charge.

Vouchers for parking at Wibaut building and Kohnstamm building

You can park at the Wibaut building and Kohnstamm building for €10 per day via vouchers. Voucher are available at the Service Points on presentation of your entry card (please note: of the day) and your student ID card. The voucher/day ticket can be entered into the payment terminal together with the entry card.

Parking for students with a dissability

Students with a dissability that can only visit UAS buildings by car can contact the student dean for advice.

Parking scooters and motorbikes

  • Scooters may be parked in the car parks free of charge. Your scooter must be parked in a special parking spaces for scooters, or it could be removed by car park management.
  • For motorbikes, the normal parking rate applies.

Please note: Due to the setting up of the construction site for the Conradhuis building on the Amstel Campus, from Monday 26 November 2018 onwards you will no longer be able to park your scooter/bicycle on Rhijnspoorplein. Bicycles can be parked in the bicycle storage sheds under Kohnstammhuis or Wibauthuis, or along Wibautstraat. The municipal authorities are creating a new parking facility for scooters adjacent to the Benno Premselahuis (Mauritskade side).​

Parking policy

The AUAS parking policy is based on the principle that all buildings should be easily accessible by bicycle and public transport. Accessibility by car is regarded as supplementary. Most car parks and parking areas are managed by third parties.

Published by  Facility Services 26 March 2019