Brightspace is the core of the digital learning environment of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where you can find all course materials and educational activities.

A brief introduction to Brightspace

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Student Course

‚ÄčIn the Brightspace Student Course you can find information about the basics of Brightspace.

All about Brightspace Course for students 

Troubles or questions?

Your lecturer will be happy to help. If your lecturer doesn't have the answer to your question, call the Servicedesk ICT Services at +31 20 595 1402 or fill out the form via ICTS Selfservice.

Students of Faculty Business and Economics

Are you a student of the faculty Business and Economics? In that case you can email your questions about Brightspace to or call +31 6 211 55 838 (Monday-Thursday). You can also make an appointment or contact Servicedesk ICT Services +31 20 595 1402 or via ICTS Selfservice.

Published by  ICT Services 15 September 2022