The new digital student portfolio of AUAS

As a student, you want to develop yourself both professionally and personally. You want to know your strengths and areas for improvement. That's why we are introducing a new digital student portfolio at AUAS: Portflow.

What is Portflow and what does it offer me?

Portflow is your own portfolio where you collect, exchange, and share feedback and evidence of your progress throughout your studies with anyone you choose.

In Portflow, you can receive feedback from fellow students, lecturers, and other professionals within and outside AUAS, enabling mutual learning. This promotes an active and engaged learning environment where you are encouraged to push your boundaries and strive for continuous improvement.

With Portflow, you can reflect on your learning process, set goals, and track the progress you have made. This allows you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement, empowering you to make better choices and have more control over your studies.

What does Portflow has to offer? 

Can I start using Portflow now?

In September 2023, we will first introduce Portflow to a selected number of programs that have a clear vision on digital portfolios or already have experience with a similar system. These experiences will help optimize the use of Portflow before making it available to other programs.

Once Portflow becomes available for your program, you will be informed by your lecturer.

What should I consider when sharing my portfolio with others?

If you are already using Portflow, be aware that sharing personal information can pose risks. This includes your full name, address, phone number, personal reflections or other sensitive data. Therefore, we strongly advise the following:

  • Be mindful of whom you share information with within Portflow.
  • Limit the sharing of information to individuals with whom you have a professional relationship, such as teachers, fellow-students or potential employers and internship providers.
  • Always check and manage the privacy settings of your portfolio to ensure that only desired individuals have access to your data.

Please know that Portflow does not process special personal data such as ethnicity, sexual orientation or medical information. Your privacy is important to us and we will never ask you to share this type of personal information in Portflow.

Are there any guidelines?

To assist you, user manuals, videos and an e-learning are availlable.

Published by  ICT Services 21 November 2023