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Faculty of Health

‚ÄčThe International Office gives support and advice on practical issues related to your stay and studies in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and on an intended stay abroad for study purposes (clinical internship or minor abroad).

Important information for intership and minor abroad

Do you want to go abroad for an internship or minor in the second semester? Check what's possible due to the covid pandemic on the page International mobility.

Why go abroad?

Going abroad during your study programme is a very valuable experience, both on an educational and a personal level. You experience another education system or way of working, get to know a different country and culture, enlarge your chances at the labour market and make international friends and contacts.

The International Office can help you with:

  • Practical matters for your stay in the Netherlands (housing, insurances, residence permit etc.);
  • Information on scholarships during your stay in the Netherlands (ATS scholarship);
  • Support and information concerning practical matters for a study period abroad;
  • Practical information on clinical internship;
  • Information on international courses at partner institutions abroad;
  • Information on scholarships during a study period abroad (Erasmus, ISEP) or after graduation(VSB, Fulbright).

General requirements for an internship or minor abroad

  • You should have sufficient ECTS (see exam rules/TER ).
  • Your internship or study programme has to be approved by the Internationalisation Coordinator.
  • You should have approval from the Examination Board . For this you need to hand in an official request.
Published by  Faculty of Health 3 November 2020