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House style

The AUAS house style have been revamped and now has a more modern, fresher look, which better reflects the AUAS’ evolving identity. To this end, a house style manual has been created, explaining the ins and outs of the new house style and the corresponding guidelines.

The house style handbook contains information about:

  • The logo
  • Colours
  • Sub-brands
  • Pay-off
  • Typography
  • Grid and triangles (graphic layer)
  • Online banners
  • Avatars and social media

All designers that the AUAS works with have received this manual and instructions for applying the adjusted house style to design projects.


Visit the Downloads page for logos and templates for various communication purposes, in the new house style. Be sure to use them according to the guidelines in the house style manual.

Video and animations

If you are looking for house style elements to use in video production, take a look at Video and animations.


Can't you find what you're looking for? Or do you need advice? Please contact Natascha de Vries - van Roon via huisstijl@hva.nl.

Published by  Communication 2 July 2020