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Report incident/accident

Immediate danger?

Call 020 595 3333 or warn the receptionist/porter straight away.

Have all necessary measures been taken to mitigate the immediate danger? File a report. Your report will be kept confidential.

Report all incidents and dangerous situations, irrespective of personal injury. Examples include slips, collisions with glass partitions, falls down the stairs, cuts, splashes, sudden losses of consciousness, fire, blocked emergency exits, loose tiling, missing banisters etc.

Incident and (near) accident form

Report any and all instances of a criminal offence, theft, violence and aggression.
Examples include threats and bullying, but also vandalism irrespective of damage, so that action may be taken.

Theft, burglary (criminal offences) form
Violence, aggression or vandalism form

Examples include loitering youths, flooding, noise disturbances, situations that present a danger of collapse, storm damage and graffiti.

Nuisance form

Use this form to report a dangerous situation, event or near accident abroad, for example during an internship/work placement or fieldwork.

Incidents during internships/work placements/fieldwork at home or abroad form

To report the actual or suspected presence of asbestos, please call 3333.

To report a possible exposure to legionella, please contact the legionella coordinator by email to r.reiche@uva.nl or telephone 06 3057 6684.

You can report improper conduct to one of the AUAS confidential advisers. They will assist you and register your complaint anonymously. Improper conduct includes but is not limited to discrimination, abuse, bullying, sexual harassment and verbal aggression.

Confidential adviser for AUAS staff

Confidential adviser for AUAS students

  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • If necessary, we will contact you to obtain further details.
  • The relevant person or organisation (for instance, the occupational health, safety and environment coordinator) will assess whether investigation is needed.
  • You can follow the status of your report on My facility notifications .

Published by  Facility Services 28 June 2024