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Programme Committee AMSIB

By law, every university is required to have a Programme Committee per programme. Therefore, AMSIB has a Programme Committee for each business programme.

On this page:

The AMSIB Programme Committee is made up of students and lecturers and represents them from each year of the study programme. The Programme Committee meet separately at least once a month to discuss current projects and problems encountered by students, amongst other things. Advice to the different stakeholders is then drawn up to improve various aspects of the school.

Some of the Programme Committee tasks are:

  1. To give advice regarding education and examination, and about improving and guarding the quality of the programme by keeping in regular contact with students (through the class representatives) and lecturers.
  2. To perform yearly assessments of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) using the annual report of the Examination Board.
  3. To give consent to the budget of the Advanced Payments – this budget is the sum of money that became available after the Dutch government converted the basic student grant to student loans in 2015/2016 and should be spent according to 6 themes that directly benefit students.

If you would like to get involved with the Programme Committee's activities, if you have a concern or complaint, or an idea, please contact the AMSIB Programme Committee via email. Applications for new members can be submitted in September/October at the start of each school year or when vacancies arise.

Published by  AZ editors FBE 17 June 2024