Wooclap: interaction with your audience

What is Wooclap?

Wooclap is an "Audience Response Tool. Both students and teachers may use this tool during a presentation/class to present questions or statements to the audience.

Attendees can respond to these via their smartphones or laptops. The results can be displayed directly on the presenter's screen. The tool can be used in the classroom, as well as online.

All AUAS staff and students can log into Wooclap with their AUAS-ID and create and start a session themselves.

Watch the promotional video of Wooclap to get an idea of what the application does.

  1. To get directly to the Wooclap login page, go to wooclap.hva.nl .
    Go to wooclap.com and click on Log in in the top right corner. Always choose the Sign in with your institution method and search for Hogeschool van Amsterdam in the list.
  2. Enter your AUAS-ID and password.
    It may happen that you were already logged in in the browser and you do not need to enter it again. If necessary, agree to the terms and conditions (when logging in for the first time).

After you have successfully logged in you will be directed to the My events page in Wooclap.

When you are logged into Wooclap you can select your language in the upper right corner.

Questions in Wooclap are part of an Event. Creating a new event goes as follows:

  1. After you have logged in, you can click the + Create event button (top left) on the home page. You will see a welcome message from Wooclap when you first click on it. The event will be titled My new event.
  2. In the upper left corner you can change the title of the event by clicking on the pencil. Each event has a unique code that participants must enter to participate. This code can be found at the top right of the screen behind Participate at:.
  3. If necessary, change the code in the upper right corner to something easier to remember or enter (e.g. "calc1" for the first calculus lecture). It is possible that a code you want to use is already in taken.

Questions asked to the audience in Wooclap are called interactions. There are several question types you can add to the event. Click here to learn more about the different question types available, or try them out yourself in Wooclap.

Watch the DEMO: How to create an event to see how to create the questions, or follow the instructions below:

  1. You can create new questions within your event from the Votes tab (top left).
  2. Clicking on the icon of a question type will add the interaction to the event.
  3. Fill in the fields. Usually the question text needs to be entered. Depending on the question type, you might also enter answer options (as with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Polls), or a correct answer (as with Open Question and Find a Number).
  4. Most question types allow you to set some options on the right side of the screen. For example, you can set a timer, within which participants must answer. Read the descriptions to know what the different options are for.
  5. Don't forget to save the question by clicking on Save (bottom right). You can also test the question immediately by clicking on Start now (bottom right). For example, use your mobile phone to participate as a participant in the session by opening the link at the top of the screen. When you try the question the session becomes active. To exit and go back to the votes screen, click on the Exit button in the bottom bar (in the screen you have open as presenter).

When using Wooclap during teaching or presenting, you will often want to alternate the interactive slides with questions with informational slides (for example, from a PowerPoint or a PDF file).

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Through the web application (in the browser).
  2. Directly in PowerPoint using the Wooclap add-in.

It is recommended to use the web application. This has the only disadvantage that PowerPoint animations are not available. If it is really important to be able to show animations we advice you use the PowerPoint add-in.

Always test your presentation before using Wooclap live while presenting. This is especially true if you use the PowerPoint add-in on a different computer than the one you used to create the Wooclap presentation.

Presenting via the web application

In this case, you present from the online Wooclap environment (via wooclap.hva.nl ). Watch the DEMO: How to create an event to see how to add informative slides to your Wooclap session, or follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the event in Wooclap containing the interactions you want to use during the presentation.
  2. Click the + Add presentation button at the top right.
  3. Add the presentation. Wooclap will accept PDF, PowerPoint and Keynote files, or a link to a Google slides presentation. It may take some time for Wooclap to load the presentation.
  4. Now click on the Insert questions button on the right side of the screen. On the right you will see the questions you have created within the event. To the left you will see the slides from the presentation.
  5. Drag the questions to the right place between the slides. Please note! Wooclap creates a slide called How to participate? It contains instructions for attendees to participate in the session. Make sure this slide is shown earlier within the presentation than the other slides with questions.
  6. Click on Save at the bottom to save the presentation with inserted questions. If you want to make any changes to the (order of the) slides and questions, you can click the Settings button (cogwheel top right), and then the Insert questions button. Do not forget to save your changes.
  7. You can now start presenting by clicking on the Start button on the right. During the presentation you have several buttons at your disposal to run through the presentation and to use the available functionalities.
  8. For an explanation of the buttons that are available during the presentation, click here . Tip: you can also use the keyboard to run through the presentation. Click on the keyboard icon at the bottom right to see which keyboard shortcuts are available to you.

Presenting via the PowerPoint add-in

In the online environment of Wooclap, animations (moving elements in PowerPoint) cannot be used. If it is important to show animations, we advice you use Wooclap via the PowerPoint add-in. This is available through the Microsoft Office store, for users with a AUAS MS 365 license. Using the Wooclap add-in is slightly more complicated and limited in functionality, compared to the web application.

Important: The Wooclap add-in is linked to your personal MS 365 profile. Because of this, it cannot be pre-installed on computers in classrooms. When using Wooclap via the PowerPoint add-in, it is advised to run the presentation on the same laptop that was used to create the presentation. If you do want to present on another computer, please test in advance whether Wooclap is also installed on it and works properly in combination with your PowerPoint file and your MS 365 profile.

If you use the PowerPoint add-in you still have to create the questions in the web environment of wooclap (wooclap.hva.nl ). To do this, follow the instructions under the headings Create new event and Create questions earlier on this page.

Install the Wooclap Poweroint add-in.

  1. Open PowerPoint and go to the Insert tab.
  2. Click on the My Add-ins button. You will now be taken to the Office Add-ins screen. If you do not have access to this, please contact the Service Deks ICT Services at +31 (0)20 595 1402 or servicedesk-icts@hva.nl.
  3. At the top, click Admin managed. You should see Wooclap as one of the applications you can add.
  4. Click on Wooclap and then at the bottom click on the Add button. You will need to activate Wooclap once in PowerPoint.
  5. Follow the steps in the blue screen. You will need to log in. For this you can use the login with Microsoft method, in which you enter your AUAS-ID. You will then receive a code. Copy the code and paste it into the Wooclap screen in PowerPoint.

You will now have access to the questions you created in Wooclap via the web environment.

Add questions from Wooclap to your presentation

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Add a blank slide to your existing PowerPoint presentation. Do this at the place where the interaction via Wooclap should take place.
  3. Go to the Insert tab.
  4. Click the arrow next to My Add-ins and then click Wooclap. A Wooclap element will now be added within the slide you had open. Tip: adjust the size of the Wooclap element as desired using the dots in the corners.
  5. Choose an event from which you want to use the questions. You must have already created this event via the web application.
  6. First select the interaction How to participate -interaction, so that participants know how to attend the session.
  7. Add a blank slide and again add the Add-in from Wooclap.
  8. Select the question from the event that you want to add. Make sure all questions you add to your presentation are from the same event!
  9. Click the Insert question button. To add more questions from Wooclap, repeat the steps from step 2.

Start the PowerPoint presentation

  1. After all your questions have been added to the presentation you can start the PowerPoint presentation like you are used to.
  2. As soon as you get to the first Wooclap slide you will see a play button to activate the session. Click on it to start the interactive session.
  3. For an explanation of the buttons in Wooclap that are available while presenting, click here . Always test your Wooclap session before using it in class. This is especially true if you use another computer while presenting.

Please note! There are some limitations when using the Wooclap add-in:

  • Do not add questions from different Wooclap events. This is because those have different codes to participate, which is very confusing and impractical for participants.
  • Use a question only once in the presentation. If you add a question more than once, the second time you will immediately see the results of the first time. To use the same question twice, a copy can be made if necessary.
  • There is no message wall available, as with the web application. The message wall allows participants to submit comments or questions at any time.
  • Also, the Participant Pace option, which allows participants to complete a questionnaire at their own pace before or after the session, is not available when using the PowerPoint add-in.

Please note that participants' answers are stored online on Wooclap's servers. The AUAS has a processing agreement with the supplier for this purpose. Never ask your audience to share sensitive personal data and allow participants to participate in the session anonymously whenever possible. Click here for more information about the possibilities to let students participate anonymously or not.

Require participants to login in anyway? Then always use the 'SSO / University' login method

There may be reasons for not allowing students to participate anonymously. As a teacher you may want to introduce a game element (gamification), where students compete against each other and a winner must be determined. It is also conceivable that a session is disrupted by an uninvited guest. By asking students to log in you can keep them out. If you ask students to log in, always use the SSO / University login method, so students log in with their student number and password. Never use the Email and Social login methods.

Delete results

If after a session you find that students have entered (too) personal answers that should not be stored, delete these results after the session. Click here for instructions on how to delete the results after a session.


In Wooclap you can also make exports of events that have taken place, with the responses of individual students. As a teacher, you need to be careful sharing this data. Do not share the exports with others, unless you have a good reason to do so.

Additional options

Do you want to get even more out of Wooclap? Then take a look at the additional options.


When you are logged into Wooclap you can click on the question mark in the right bottom corner. You might find the answer to your question. In the Wooclap Help Center you can also find a lot of information.

If you cannot find the answer yourself, please contact the education desk at your faculty.

Published by  ICT Services 20 August 2021