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Do you want to apply for a Student mentor+, become a Student mentor+ or are you already a Student mentor+? On this website you can find al the information about the Studentmentor+ program

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When you start at AUAS, you're going to be faced with many things. Everything is different from what you’re used to and you still have to find your way around the programme. This is tough for everyone, but if you have a disability, it can be even tougher. Do you want to make a smooth start? Then apply for a student mentor+.

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Do you remember how exciting your first weeks at the HvA were? Everything was different from what you were used to and you had to find your way around all those thousands of students. For students with ADHD or autism, for example, or who have impaired vision or hearing, it is even more difficult. Do you want to help these students with a disability make a smooth start during their first hundred days? Then sign up as a student mentor+.

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On our website you can find information about applying for a Student mentor+ and becoming a Student mentor+. If you are already a Student mentor+ you can also find all the information on our website.

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29 June 2021