A-Z Students International Degree in English and Education

Re-enrolling in a programme

Continuing your studies? Take the following steps before 1 September.

  1. Go to Studielink and log in using your DigiD (digital identity code).
    Make sure your personal details are still correct. Make changes if necessary.
  2. Check your To-do list, select the option 're-enrol for next year', follow the steps indicated and confirm your request for re-enrolment.
  3. Your re-enrolment can only be finalised if you have arranged the payment of your tuition fees. You can do this from 18 May. In Studielink you can also authorise the AUAS for direct debits from your bank account. The first instalment will be withdrawn at the end of September automatically then. Check the tuition fee rates and the payment options for more information.
  4. Check your enrolment status via www.sis.hva.nl and keep an eye on your AUAS email account. That is where your Proof of Enrolment is sent after you have met all the admission requirements.
Published by  Administration Centre 20 June 2024

How to: Re-enrol for your study programme (subtitles available)