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Film and photography at the AUAS

The campuses of the AUAS can be used as a backdrop for film, photography and sound recordings. The AUAS is happy to cooperate towards such activities, subject to certain conditions.

To record a film or take pictures on any of the AUAS’s premises, you will need official approval. None of these activities may in any way hinder teaching, research and operational management at the AUAS.

The AUAS only approves requests with a clear link to the AUAS, such as an interview with one of its researchers or a report about an activity taking place on its premises.

Requests with a commercial purpose will not be approved.

Please note that there are separate forms for staff and students and for external parties; see below.

Please note: in order to process your request, you will need to submit it no later than one week before the date on which you wish to film or photograph.

19 April 2022