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Legal Affairs

These pages provide information about the rules that apply to (arriving) students, external candidates and candidates of the AUAS. These rules are not only clarified but in most cases a reference is given of where a certain subject in the legislation can be found. In this way the reader will be informed in the fastest and fullest possible way about our rules.

The information on this page has been formulated by the Department of Legal Affairs (Juridische Zaken).

For information about binding study advice (negative or positive), visit the binding study advice (BSA) page.

Objections, Appeals and Complaints Office, by means of the registration form (choose your language English or Dutch ). The appeal or letter of objection is to be submitted not more than six weeks of the day on which the decision has been made known.

If you are a student you submit an appeal in My Info and you can use the link below. Scroll down the page and you can choose one of the options.

Fill in the form and you recieve in 15 minutes a confirmation. You will receive an casenumber. Please preserve your casenumber.

For lodging an appeal, or letter of objection or complaint please fill in the following forms:

Published by  Legal Affairs 6 October 2021