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AUAS ID and password

Everyone who is a student at the AUAS receives an AUAS ID. This is the username that, in combination with your password, grants you access to the AUAS's ICT facilities.

Activate your AUAS ID-account

In order to activate your account or change your password, please go to https://id.student.hva.nl/ and follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Activate your account' or 'Forgot password';
  2. Enter your AUAS ID and click on Proceed;
  3. On the next screen, enter your Date of Birth and your Private E-mail address that you used to register at studielink.nl
  4. Check the box "I agree with the ICT code of conduct" and click on Proceed;
  5. Go to your private e-mail address and check whether you have received an e-mail or SMS with an Activation Code (NOTE: the code expires after 2 hours!);
  6. Open the URL from your e-mail/SMS and enter your AUAS ID and click on Proceed; then fill in the Activation Code and click on Proceed;
  7. Enter a new password that meets the requirements (twice).

Your AUAS ID is provided in the welcome letter you were sent by email after you enrolled at the AUAS.

You need your AUAS ID to log in to the AUAS's ICT facilities, including the wireless network, computer workstations, MyAUAS, AUAS mail, SIS, Digital Portfolio, your degree programme's intranet and SURFspot.

You can activate your AUAS ID on id.student.hva.nl . Simply click on the 'Activate AUAS ID' link and follow the instructions. In the field ‘private email’, fill in the same email address that you provided earlier in Studielink.


  • Your AUAS ID is not your student ID number.
  • Your AUAS ID is personal, unique and non-transferable.
  • Never share your AUAS ID with anyone. AUAS staff will never ask you for your password. If someone asks for your password, refuse.

Retrieving or changing your password

You can request a new password via id.student.hva.nl. Select 'Account activation / Forgot Password'.

If you want to change your password, log in on id.student.hva.nl using your AUAS ID and password and then choose the option 'Change password'.

Due to security concerns, passwords are not provided by telephone or email.

Published by  ICT Services 23 February 2021