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Study choice consultation

Not sure if your degree programme is right for you? Stuck in a dilemma of whether to quit or continue, or whether or not to go for a Master's degree? Want to enrol in a different degree programme? Or have you got other study related choice questions, such as the choice of a minor?

Instead of struggling with these questions on your own, talk to a study choice coach.

A consultation with one of the coaches takes 30 minutes – and it's entirely free of charge. Consultations are held at various locations at AUAS, where independent study choice coaches are available for consultations once every two weeks. Together, you can discuss your dilemma and come up with a plan of action to resolve it. Dates on which a coach is available are listed on the registration page.

Study choice coaching is available for all students enrolled at AUAS.


You can sign up for a study choice consultation any time between mid-September and mid-July. Please do so by sending an email to studiekeuze@hva.nl. The coaches will contact you and propose a day and time for the consultation.

If you do not mind to conduct the consultation in Dutch, you can make an appointment by clicking on the button below. Please note that the booking system is in Dutch.

Published by  Student Affairs 21 February 2022