Proaedeutic certificate

If you have obtained all 60 credits from the propaedeutic year (first-year programme) you will receive the propaedeutic certificate. If you do not attend a ceremony, you can collect your propaedeutic certificate from the Service Point on the first floor of the Dr. Meurer building, provided you have received an e-mail that your propaedeutic certificate is ready there.

Degree certificate

At the end of the main phase you must have obtained 240 credits in total. You can see how these credits are distributed across the subjects of your degree programme in the course catalogue .
If you meet all requirements, you will receive a degree certificate. In addition to the list of marks, you will receive a Diploma Supplement in English with the degree certificate.


If you have not obtained sufficient credits in the propaedeutic year or the main phase, you will not receive a propaedeutic certificate or degree certificate. You may however receive a statement from the examination board of the study results you obtained.

Prefer a different name on your certificate?

In the Netherlands, it is regulated that a certificate (diploma) must contain your formal name. It may be that you do not identify well with this name (e.g. because you are transgender or non-binary) and you use a different name in everyday life. Do you prefer this name when you receive your diploma? You can! AUAS will also gladly issue you with a congratulatory certificate, in which your chosen name is used. You will then receive both the official certificate and the congratulatory certificate. Note: the latter does not replace your official certificate with your formal name on it.

Do you want a congratulatory certificate? You can arrange this in 2 steps:

  1. Make sure that in Studielink in the field 'vocation name' your own chosen vocation name is registered (at least 5 working days prior to the ceremony). Log in to Studielink , click on 'data' at the top and adjust your name here.
  2. Let the Sport Studies student administration know (at least 5 working days) prior to the graduation ceremony, that you would like to use your own chosen name and receive the congratulatory certificate alongside your official certificate.

(Summa) cum laude

If you achieved high marks during your course of study, you may be eligible for a (summa) cum laude distinction on your propaedeutic certificate or degree certificate. Check your marks in good time in SIS. The conditions for cum laude for the propaedeutic year and main phase are stated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (chapter 6) of your degree programme.


Will you receive your diploma soon? Then make sure you deregister on time.

Everything you need to consider when terminating your enrolment can be found at: termination of enrolment.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 16 June 2023