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Your faculty or degree programme's examination board determines, in an objective manner, whether you meet the requirements of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (Dutch: OER) and the exit qualifications for the degree programme.

Contact the examination board with regard to exemptions, special arrangements related to disabilities, additional examination opportunities and the binding study advice (BSA).

  • The examination board works on the basis of submitted questions and/or requests via a form. You can submit your request here. Requests by e-mail will not be processed.
  • Deadline for submitting requests: one week before the scheduled meeting of the examination board (see below), so it can be discussed at the next meeting. Otherwise, your request will automatically move to a later time.
  • Your request will be handled and if it is necessary, the examination board will send you an invitation to be present at a scheduled examination board meeting.
  • Your request will usually be processed within three working weeks, but no later than six working weeks. So do not wait until the last moment if you want to submit a request.
  • The examination board corresponds, including the sending of decisions taken, only via your AUAS e-mail address.

Scheduled meetings examination board

The examination board meets weekly between 15:00 – 16:00 hrs (online)

BSA hearings (all day, on location)

  • 13-7-2022
  • 14-7-2022
  • 15-7-2022

The HvA covid regulation and procedure within ISMB is as follows:

Anyone who has applied in time, via the correct and a fully completed form, for the covid extra exam opportunity; is entitled to this if it concerns exams from block 2 (in the period January 2022 to 7 February 2022).

The following conditions apply:

  • Only timely (pre-submitted), correctly and completely filled out forms were considered.
  • If you submitted an application for an exam that was offered for the first time in 2021-2022 (even if this is a resit for you personally), you must first take part in the next regular resit. This was also stated on the form and on the website.
  • If you submitted an application for an exam that was already the regular resit for this year, you are entitled to an extra chance. This opportunity will be offered during the resit period of block 4 and information about it will follow.
  • Requests for extra opportunities only apply to examinations at the HvA location (i.e. not for online examinations, not for products, not for substitute assignments or attending classes).

Additional terms and conditions apply when:

You are able to participate in the regular resit but are unable to pass it

you can then participate in the extra chance which will be offered in block 4. To do so, you must report to the examination board, which will assess whether you have met the HvA requirements in block 2. You will need to contact the exam board as soon as you have received the results of the resit, using the form on the website, and you will need to demonstrate that you did not pass the resit, and with which result.

You cannot participate in the regular resit, for personal reasons

You then have to submit a new request for an extra chance, provided that you have already applied for an extra chance in block 2 and met the conditions.

However, the corona regulation no longer applies, so your request will be assessed via the regular procedures as described in the TER. This means that you can submit a request through our website, accompanied by your motivation and proof of your personal circumstances that prevented you from participating in the regular resit. It is also important that you contact the student counselor before you go to the examination board. They can discuss your personal circumstances. The examination board cannot do this, and neither can your coach.

If you do not pass the extra chance in block 4 or if you cannot participate, you are not entitled to another chance. After all, this one has already been offered by then. In short: there will be no 4th or 5th chances this academic year. You can then participate again next academic year in the regular tests for that course.

Enrollment requirements minor

  • Submit a request for the minor of your choice; you will need approval from the examination board and must also meet the entry requirements, which are:
  • You must have completed the foundation year (propedeuse) and;
  • You must have obtained at least 40 credits during the main phase.

You must meet the above requirements at the time the minor begins. No later than 5 days prior to the start of the minor, the examination board will check all submitted requests for minors, for the minimum requirements. This means that if you do not meet the requirements until 5 days before the start of your minor, you cannot start your minor.

Submit you request here.

Do you want to know which minors the examination board has already approved or disapproved? Check out the overview of approved and disapproved minors at the moment here. This list is updated regularly, the latest is always below the link. So be sure to use that one.

More content about minors can be found here.

Do you have a disability? You can contact the student counsellor of the School of Sports and Nutrition for advice. She can offer you appropriate information, guidance and explain which facilities are available to students with a disability.

See also in A-Z: studying with a disability

When can you apply for an exemption?

  • You have passed interim examinations and examinations elsewhere at applied science or university education level which in terms of content, scope and level correspond to the module or work placement for which you are seeking an exemption.
  • You have gained relevant knowledge, skills or work experience at applied science/university education level. Check with your degree programme what the possibilities are for having this work experience count as an exemption.

Submit you request here.

If fraud and/or plagiarism is suspected, the lecturer/examiner is required to report it to the Examination Board. This can be done using this this online form. The report should include supporting documentation, such as a report (or a link to the report) from the plagiarism scanner Ouriginal, notification to the student about this.

The student will be notified in writing of this notification by the lecturer/examiner.

Before making a decision, the Examination Board will give the student the opportunity to be heard within a period of 10 working days after notification.

The Examination Board establishes whether there has been fraud – including serious fraud – or plagiarism. If this is the case, the Examination Board will inform the student in writing, with the sanction attached.

Questions about an examination board decision?

Do you have questions about an examination board decision? Please contact the chairwoman of the exam board of Sport Studies first. If you still disagree afterwards, you may logde an appeal.

Do you disagree with an examination board decision?

You may lodge an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board (COBEX) if you do not agree with a decision made by the Examination Board or by an examiner or examiners. Appealing against a decision may be done at COBEX via the digital service point: Objections, Appeals and Complaints Office.

Members examination board

  • Gaby Dijkstra - chairwoman
  • Michel Jonker
  • Peter van Paassen
  • Thijs Mensink- external member

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 24 May 2022