Programme Committee

Sport Studies - track ISMB

Participation in discussions and decision making

Each degree programme has a Degree Programme Committee which monitors the quality of the degree programme. The Degree Programme Committee consists of students and lecturers (50/50) and is an official representative advisory body. The Degree Programme Committee has the right to be consulted and holds voting rights in some aspects of the Teaching and Examination Regulations and participates in decision-making on important matters within the degree programme.

What does a Programme Committee (PC) do?

  • Advises on the content of the degree programme, testing and examination.
  • Advises on the Teaching and Examination Regulations and has right of approval in certain aspects of the Teaching and Examination Regulations, such as the subject specialisations (majors), the study workload and the course evaluation methodology.
  • Discusses course evaluations, monitors and analyses developments within the degree programme and advises the degree programme manager on improvement measures.
  • Monitors problems with students and staff, for example by means of discussions or via surveys.

Participation, how does that work again?

At the AUAS, advisory bodies are active at various levels, each consisting of students and lecturers.

  1. Degree Programme Committees (for each degree programme)
  2. Faculty representative advisory councils
  3. Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR)

The Degree Programme Committee is the advisory body approached first when it comes to the quality of the degree programme and is therefore an important consultation partner for the programme manager and the dean of the faculty. The Degree Programme Committee has regular contact with the faculty representative advisory councils and the Examination Board. You can approach the Degree Programme Committee as both a lecturer/staff member and a student if you have any opinions, questions or suggestions you would like to share concerning the degree programme.

Would you like to become a member of the PC?

The Degree Programme Committee has an important position and say in the design of the degree programme. Each year the Degree Programme Committee seeks new members. Would you as a student or lecturer/staff member like to make an active contribution to improving the degree programme and gain administrative experience in the process? Contact your Degree Programme Committee by email and find out about the available reimbursements (staff members are allowed time for this and students receive a financial reimbursement).

Training programme committee members

The AUAS academy provides training each year for (new) members of Degree Programme Committees.
You can find more and up-to-date information about training for Degree Programme Committee members on the Active Student website (only in Dutch).


At the end of quarter 1 the Programme Committee of Sport Studies - track ISMB will change members. The new Programme Committee should preferably consist of 2 or 3 students of each year.


If you would like to contact the Programme Committee, please send an e-mail to

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 31 August 2020