Room reservation Dr. Meurer building

As a student of the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition you can reserve a room at the Dr. Meurer building.

You can reserve a study room or a sports room for max. 3 hours at the service desk on the first floor of the Dr. Meurer building. This is only for incidental bookings, not for recurring bookings. You can reserve a room either for the current or the following week. You can also send your request to

Rooms not available for bookings:

  • A2.32
  • A2.48
  • A2.50
  • B1.20
  • Kitchen 4th floor
  • Movement lab

Reserving sports room

With permission of one of your teachers you can reserve a sports room for either the current or following week (not further ahead).

  • Fill in the request form below (second page is the English form).
  • Have your teacher sign it.
  • Hand in the form at the service desk on the first floor of the Dr. Meurerlaan building.
  • By filling in this form you agree with the using terms.
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 8 December 2022