Sports physiotherapist

Injured? Then you can make free use of the walk-in clinic (max. twice a week) at the sports physiotherapist in ClubWest Sport and fitness (right next to/next to the Dr Meurer building).

After visiting the walk-in clinic, you have to pay for any further treatment yourself (or your health insurance). The advantage: whatever you have, the sports physiotherapist can refer you directly to the sports doctor at hospital OLVG west or another specialist. As a result, you don't have to wait as long and are already in the medical chain.

You can use this walk-in clinic at the sports physiotherapist and the direct referrals because you have been vetted by the Sports Physician Group. For this, you made a payment before you started at Sport Studies. This means you can visit the walk-in clinic of the sports physiotherapist twice a week for 4 years.

Walk-in consultation sport physiotherapist Club West

  • Wednesday 12.00-12.30 hours
  • Friday 12.00-12.30 hours

More information: (website is in Dutch)

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 5 September 2023