Submitting products digitally

You submit your digital product(s) through your teacher's dropbox in Brightspace. The AUAS no longer uses the plagiarism scanner Ephorus.

Your teachers dropbox has a built-in plagiarism check. The digital document is sent to the lecturer through the plagiarism scanner. The date and time are registered automatically. In some cases, you might have to submit your work in hard copy as well. Check the study manual for more details.

How to submit products in Brightspace

  1. Visit
  2. Find the dropbox of your lecturer in the menu
  3. Click Assignments in the Activities menu
  4. Click on the name / folder of the product that you have to submit
  5. Choose add file, upload your document, place a comment if necessary, and submit
  6. Click 'done'
  7. You will receive a confirmation in your email that you have submitted the product
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 17 September 2020