Student ID Card

How do I get a (new) student ID card? What can I use my student ID card for? How and where do I top up credit on my student ID card? On this page you will find the answers to questions concerning your student ID card.

  • When you become a student at the AUAS, you first have to request a Student ID card. For this you need an AUAS-ID (every starting student receives an email with an AUAS-ID and password). The card will remain valid for as long as you are registered as an AUAS student.
  • Go to to upload your passport photo for the Student ID card.
    Please note: when you use an unclear or unusable picture your student ID card will not be considered valid.
  • If you are starting your program in September, and if you applied for your student card before September 3th, you will receive your card at home. Please note: it can be busy when applying for the card, so request your card on time. If you have not yet received the card by September 14th, please contact the service point or Service Desk.
  • Did you apply for your student card after September 3th, or you registered an international address, you will receive an email on when and where to come and collect it. Please bring along a valid ID.
  • Are you starting your studies in February? In that case, you will receive your student ID card by 3 February at the latest. If you have not received your card by 7 February, please drop by one of the service points or contact the FS Service Desk.

You can use your student ID card to:

  • confirm your identity when attending classes and when using study centres at all AUAS locations.
  • to identify yourself at online exams.
    Only if you do not have a student ID card, you can identify yourself with a valid identity card. For online exams, the BSN must not be visible on the screen.
    Please note: for exams on location only an ID card or passport is considered as a valid proof of identity, not a student card!
  • borrow books from the university library or the university of applied sciences library.
  • get entrance to bicycle and car parkings.
  • get student discounts offered by the student cultural organisation CREA.
  • use lockers in the buildings Benno Premsela, Corry Tendeloo, Jakoba Mulder, Kohnstamm, Muller-Lulofs, Tania Leon, Theo Thijssen and Wibaut.
  • make payments at the vending machines, printers, the customer service desks, the library information desks (in addition to using a debit card) and catering locations.

To use the functionalities on the card, you first have to activate your ID card online. Log in to and select the option “kaart activeren”. Your student ID card is now ready for use. This can be done up to October 1stor at the beginning of March. Are you not able to upload the photo? Please send an email including your photo, HvA-ID and date of birth to

Outside of the period surrounding the start of the academic year, you will only be able to activate your card at one of the service points. This process requires a valid identity document (ID, passport, drivers’ licence).

You can top up your card online via myNetPay or at charging points at UvA and AUAS locations. Topping up at the top-up points is free of charge. You can only top up your credit using a foreign bank card or credit card if it has been linked to a PayPal account.

For information about the charging points see Paying at the AUAS.

Please note: Your student ID card must be activated to make payments. If you have not yet activated your student ID card, go to one of the service points to activate it.

To have the credit on your student ID card transferred to your bank or PayPal account, submit a request to refund your current credit through the Netpay website . Please make sure all your details are correct. On average, it will take 10 days for your credit to be refunded.

Terminating your account

If you are discontinuing your studies at the AUAS, make sure you have used up your credit balance or had it refunded before you close your Netpay account. An administrative fee of €2.50 will be deducted when you close your account. If you close your account in the interim, it will not be possible to generate a new account.

The student ID card is not a Proof of Enrolment. The proof of Enrolment will be sent by email to your AUAS email address after you have met all conditions for enrolment and your tuition fees have been paid.

Are you active in a study programme committee, a section council, the Central Participation Council (CMR) or a board of a study association, then you can apply for Student+ rights via the form on this page .

Student+ rights

  • free coffee and tea from the AUAS vending machines
  • €10 print credit per month
  • access to the Common Room in the KSH

Rights can be applied for and withdrawn at any time. Granted rights expire automatically at the end of an academic year, on the night of 31/08 to 01/09.

Once you have terminated your enrolment, your student ID card will no longer be valid and must be turned in. Old ID cards are recycled. Hand in your student ID card at one of the service points or mail it to:

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Facility Services
Freepost number 47636
1070 VD Amsterdam

  • You can block your student ID card via and at any of the service points.
  • Apply for a new student ID card from (payment via iDeal). A new student ID card costs €15 (covering security, production, administration and postage costs). The credit on your old student ID card (assuming this has not already been withdrawn) will automatically be loaded onto your new card.
  • Was your card stolen and did you report the theft to the police? Take the police report or Statement of Loss of your municipality to one of the service points or mail to to apply for a new student ID card free of charge.
  • You will receive an email telling you when you can pick up your new student ID card. On average, you will receive your card within five working days of your application.
  • f you find your card again, you can have it unblocked by the FS Service Desk.

Published by  Facility Services 17 July 2023