Claroread: Software for dyslexics

Do you have dyslexia? Have trouble reading? Or would you sometimes prefer to listen instead of read? ClaroRead is a text-to-speech software solution for anyone with reading and writing difficulties, and is ideal for people who have dyslexia.

Personal Use

ClaroRead can read aloud any text on your computer, whether it be existing texts or if you would like to have your own compositions read aloud as you write. ClaroRead was developed to help PC users of all ages write, read, check and correct texts and is available in several different languages.

Download ClaroRead

ClaroRead is available on all AUAS computers. If you want to use it on your own laptop or desktop (Windows or Mac), you can click here to download the program.


You can consult the ClaroRead for Windows user guide (pdf) or the ClaroRead for Mac user guide (pdf) .

Scan Books

ClaroRead can convert any text to speech, including everything from your own reports to textbooks. To have a book read aloud, it first has to be scanned using OCR. You can have this done by dropping off the book at the Leeuwenburg branch of the AUAS Library. Upon presentation of a valid dyslexia certificate or a statement from the student counsellor, it will be sent for scanning free of charge. After around three working days you will be notified that your book and a USB stick containing the digitised text are waiting to be picked up again at the library. It is important to note that the book pages have to be removed from the spine in order to scan them. This means you will receive the book back as loose pages.

For more information, contact the Leeuwenburg library information desk. Telephone 020 - 5951133.

Claroread for tests

There is also a version of ClaroRead that can be used with tests. In special cases, the examination board may allow students to use this version of ClaroRead during exams. This version is not freely available. If you think you need ClaroRead for exams, talk to the student counsellor first.

Claroread pro demo version

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Published by  Student Affairs 6 October 2022