Confidential adviser inappropiate behaviour

If you are confronted with inappropriate behaviour conduct in your study or work placement situation, you may contact an AUAS Confidential Adviser.

What is inappropriate behaviour?

The AUAS works to create a safe environment, where all students and staff feel welcome, at home, challenged, safe and have equal opportunities.

If you are confronted with or a witness to inappropriate behaviour such as bullying, discrimination, abuse of power, sexual harassment, violence and aggression, visit the website Act Responsibly. Here you will find all you need to know about inappropriate behaviour, how to recognise it, what you can do about it and the help available to you.

Who are the confidential advisers for students?

At the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences there are three confidential advisers for students:

Renske Bijl

Renske Bijl

Confidential advisor for students of Faculty of Engineering (FT), Faculty of Health (FG), Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries (FDMCI),,

Roy Verboom

Roy Verboom

Confidential advisor for students of FG, FBSV, FOO,,

Cora Verkley

Cora Verkley

Confidential advisor for students of FBE, FMR, FDMCI, FOO ,, ,

  • provide information and advice regarding inappropiate behaviour;
  • to arrange adequate care and support for the person reporting the inappropiate behaviour;
  • to ensure the information provided is treated confidentially;
  • to seek an informal solution to the situation;
  • to assist the complainant in filing a formal complaint and the formal handling of the complaint.

If you have any questions or complaints relating to inappropiate behaviour you can contact the Confidential Adviser regarding inappropiate behaviour. You can tell them about the situation and discuss what you could do. The Confidential Adviser will ensure your question or complaint is handled confidentially, seek a solution together with you, and provide assistance should you decide to file a formal complaint.

Confidential Advisers are appointed by the Executive Board and have an independent position within the AUAS.

If you have any questions or remarks about the confidential adviser for students, please contact the (interim) head of the department, Eugène Oostenbrink.

These Regulations are an elaboration of Article U-1 of the 2005 Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) for higher professional education and constitute part of the AUAS Students' Charter. Distinctive aspects of these Regulations are:

  • the confidential nature of the complaints procedure;
  • the composition of an independent appropriately competent Complaints Committee;
  • the period within which a complaint must be submitted for it to be handled;
  • the sanctions which apply under the law, the CLA or the Students' Charter.

Regulation inappropriate behaviour

Contact the advisers

You can contact the advisers by calling them or sending an e-mail. Of course, your request for an appointment will be treated confidentially.

Published by  Student Affairs 25 September 2023