Login problems with your AUAS ID

Experiencing trouble logging in with your AUAS ID?

These tips may solve this problem for you:

  1. Use your AUAS ID as your login name (do not put @hva.nl behind it).
  2. Try logging in using a different web browser (e.g. Firefox or Google Chrome).
  3. Try logging in on a different computer or laptop (smartphones and tablets often cause problems).
  4. Try logging in to another AUAS website (e.g. Brightspace or SIS).
  5. Open an incognito window in your browser and try to log in at profile.surfconext.nl.
  6. Log in to id.hva.nl and click on Forgot password to reset your AUAS ID password. Then try to log in again.

Still stuck? Please contact the Service Desk ICT Services.

AUAS ID blocked during your studies

Are you unable to log in because your AUAS ID has been blocked? There may be various reasons for this.

Temporary block

If you have tried to log in too often with the wrong (old) password or your password has expired, your AUAS ID account will be temporarily blocked. Try logging in again after 15 minutes. Does that not work? Then try to change the password of your AUAS ID.

Manual block

Other possible reasons for a block:

  • You did not complete your registration on time.
  • You have fallen behind with 3 direct debits or more.

If this is the case, unfortunately you cannot lift the block yourself. Please contact the Student Affairs department.

Published by  ICT Services 31 May 2022