Password expired

If your password has expired, you can create a new one on To do this, please follow the instructions below. After you have created a new password, you will once again be able to use your AUAS ID.

Step 1:

  1. Please create a new password on a laptop or computer.
  2. Go to: .
  3. Click on I forgot my password.
  4. Follow the steps on the website.

Step 2:

Have you successfully completed step 1? Then re-enter your new password on all your (personal and/or mobile) devices on all applications where you use this password, such as AUAS services (AUAS mail*, printers, Wi-Fi), AUAS apps (Office, OneDrive, Teams) and AUAS websites (MyAUAS, Brightspace). This is an important step. There is a chance that your account will be blocked if you forget to do this, for example because your browser has saved your old password and you have tried to log in several times. After logging in several times with your old password, your AUAS ID will automatically be blocked. You want to avoid this.

*See the page Change password for mail on mobile devices for more information.

Step 3:

Do you use an AUAS wireless network, such as 'hva' or 'eduroam'? Break the connection and reset it with your new password. This can apply to your computer, smartphone and tablet. Read here what to do when eduroam does not accept the new password.

Note: If your new password doesn’t work, try to log in again after half an hour. Does it still not work? Contact the Service Desk ICT Services.

Published by  ICT Services 3 November 2023