The W: drive will be deleted, please move your files

All AUAS students have a network drive that is visible on an AUAS student workstation and via . In your explorer in Windows this network drive is visible as W: drive. The W: drive will be replaced by OneDrive. You need to move any documents that are on the W: drive to OneDrive before July 15, 2021, as from that date the W: drive will no longer be visible.

On June 15, 2021, the W: drive will be set to 'read-only'. From that moment on you will not be able to edit documents stored there. If you want to keep documents, move them to OneDrive yourself. You have one month to do this and you can do it from an AUAS student workplace or via .

In this manual you can read how to do this.

Published by  ICT Services 21 November 2023