Basic security for your computer and laptop

Install antivirus software, a firewall and the most recent software updates

  • Install antivirus software and a firewall and always use the latest versions of Windows, software, etc. You can find more basic security tips on the website
  • Are you working on a computer managed by AUAS in one of the study rooms? Then you don't need to do anything as basic security measures are already in place. Do watch out for suspicious emails and don't open any unexpected attachments from unknown sources.

Never leave your computer, laptop or tablet unattended. Lock your screen whenever you have to be away from it for any length of time.

How do you lock your screen?

  • Windows: Ctrl-Alt-Delete or Windows key +L(ock) keyboard shortcuts.
  • Mac: configure your computer/laptop to go into sleep mode when you are not working on it and to require a password to be reactivated. You can configure the password activation option under the Mac OS X security settings. Navigate to: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Select 'Require password' for sleep and screen lock (see instructions). You can also find the instructions on the Macworld website and the Apple website.
  • Linux: Ctrl-Alt-L keyboard shortcut (may not work on some versions of Linux).

Lock your windows pc with ctrl-alt-delete, when you leave it behind

Published by  ICT Services 12 May 2021