How to save project files in MaxQDA

Are you using MaxQDA? Then you have to read this important information on how to save project files.

MaxQDA is a program in which you have to repeatedly and very accurately drag text fragments to small elements in a code tree. This is the basis for qualitative data analysis of i.e. a collection of interviews. The project file with extension .mx20 contains everything that concerns the project, both the database for the codings and all the interviews.

How do you save projects?

MaxQDA cannot handle cloud service storage such as OneDrive or Dropbox. Please read the information about this in the FAQ list . MaxQDA therefore strongly recommends saving the project file locally, i.e. on the computer where the program is running.

How do you save project files in the virtual environment

Attention! Files in the folder 'Downloads' are not saved. As soon as you log out they are gone. However, files that are saved on the 'Desktop', or in the folders 'Documents' and 'Pictures', are saved, even after logging out. OneDrive may be available, but it is not recommended.

What else should you pay attention to?

MaxQDA requires a high resolution and a precise mouse-screen interaction or responsiveness. If you use the program via the virtual environment, the resolution is not 100% sharp, making it tiring to use. Moreover, in the virtual environment, it frequently happens that you release the snippet at the wrong time and in the wrong code because it responds a little slower than you are used to. This can be annoying.

An alternative is to purchase the software for your own use from Surf, instead of using MaxQDA via the virtual environment of The cost is 40 euros per half year or 80 euros for a full year.

Published by  ICT Services 21 December 2021