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Examinations and exam resits

You can find all information on examinations and exam resits below.

What is considered a valid ID?

  • Valid passport, issued by any country
  • ID-card from a country in the EEA
  • Driving license from a country in the EEA
  • Permit to stay, issued by the Dutch government

Attention: Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba do not belong of the EEA. (EEA = European Economic Area)

How often resits are offered?

All resits were at least offered two times a year. Consider the set up of your study programme.

  • some times it is not possible to resit specific parts of an exams
  • in that case you you better participate to an integral resit

At first always verify mytimetable.hva.nl and see what exams you were allowed to and consider to participate in a resit or contact your study advisor.

How many resit opportunities do you have?

You can take any exam twice per academic year:

  • Either via a regular exam (= 1st change) and a resit (= 2nd chance)
  • Or, if you have taken and failed your regular exam and resit exam in a previous year, you may take a resit (1st chance) and a second resit (2nd chance) in the following year’

Note: the academic year always starts on 1 September and ends on 31 August.

1st chance

This is the regular exam which directly follows after the classes. You are automatically registered in SIS by the Eductaion Office for your regular exams.

2nd chance

This is the resit. You have to register for this yourself! See mytimetable.hva.nl for the registration periods of the resits and then register via SIS. Each registration counts as participation.

Extra chance

If there is reason to do so based on a student’s personal circumstances, the Examination Board may decide to grant an extra chance.

How do you recognize a resit in mytimetable.hva.nl?

In mytimetable.hva.nl resits were always labled with a enroll period and a resit code. Exams in mytimetable.hva.nl with no enroll period are no exam resits but regular exams. When you like to resit an examination, you are not able to participate in regular exams.

When are your exams schedules published?

Click directly to the manual to look for the exam date and time in mytimetable.hva.nl.

In which building and classroom are your exams?

  1. Exams full time: at the latest 48 hours before the start of the exams the exam location and classrooms will be published in mytimetable.hva.nl:
    1. TICK in the name of your class wherewith you have followed your lessons
    2. TICK at your exam in the list
    3. LOOK at location, insert this address and
    4. TICK at your exam classroom
  2. Attention: exam rooms are not visible in the HvApp.
  3. Exam of a minor: one hour before the start of the exams, the exam rooms will be announced via a schedule at the Service Point.

Check your regular examinations in SIS

You are registered automatically in SIS for regular examinations (1st chance). Regular examinations follow the lectures that you have attended for the first time.

  • Always check that you have been registered properly in SIS for your regular examinations and choose for English
  • Please contact the Servicepoint desk immediately if anything is wrong.

Register for an exam resit

The registration period for exam resits is stated per exam in the examination timetable (mytimetable.hva.nl) and is announced in the mail you receive prior to every registration period: please put the dates in your diary!

So, if you would like to resit your exam? You need to register via 'SIS enrol for a resit' (this examination resit is the second chance): see the Step-by-step plan at Register for exam resit or exam minor resit .

Register for resit but SIS is 'FULL'?

Perhaps you are trying to register for a regular exam; and that is not possible.

  • find your exam in mytimetable.hva.nl
  • check al your regular exams in SIS and
  • check al your resits for which you register

Something wrong? Or you can't find your registrations? Go - during the enrollment period - at the Servicepoint or Education Office to check your registrations.


If you do not want to take a regular examination or exam resit, you can only deregister via SIS within the indicated registration period.

Examination rules

Strict rules apply during all examinations and exam resits. You will not be permitted to enter without a valid proof of identity (valid ID, passport or driving licence). You should be aware of these examination rules.

Rules for entering grades

Formally, your lecturer should have entered your grades in SIS within fifteen work days (three weeks). If your result has not been entered or has been entered incorrectly, please first contact your lecturer.

Examination Clash

Sometimes various examinations or exam resits are scheduled simultaneously or their times may overlap. In such cases, please contact the Digital Servicepoint during the enrol periode to arrange that you can take examinations or exam resits one after the other.

Always mention the course catalogue numbers, the examination date and the examination times of the examaniations and resits which clash or overlap.

Forgotten to register or registered too late?

If the registration period has closed, you can no longer register and de-register for examinations and exam resits.
Ensure that you are aware of the registration period dates.

Missed an examination or exam resit?

You can take an examination/exam resit twice per academic year. If you missed an examination or a resit, you can register again when it is offered another time. Please be aware of the registration period.

Please note: every registration is considered as a participation in an exam, even if you do not show up or haven't shown up.

Published by  AZ editors FBE 17 March 2021