Upgrade apps.hva.nl

Earlier this year, the ICT workstations (computers in study rooms, the library and other teaching spaces) were converted to Windows 10. The next step is to tackle the ‘virtual’ ICT workstation: apps.hva.nl. So, on 1 August, apps.hva.nl will also be given the look & feel of Windows 10.

How will this affect you?

Have you installed apps.hva.nl on your device? If so, we recommend that you download a recent version of the Citrix Receiver software. To do this, follow the steps in the manuals.

How is the upgraded apps.hva.nl different?

You can use the upgraded apps.hva.nl in the usual way. It’s just that one or two things are slightly different from before: see <link invoegen>.

  • The start menu is new and, with the exception of the tile menu, is virtually the same as the start menu for Windows 10 on your ICT workstation.
  • Applications are available as standard in the start menu. You don’t have to install them through the Software Center, as you do on your ICT workstation.
  • Thanks to improvements in technology, apps.hva.nl is faster.
  • Anyone who has used apps.hva.nl before will know that the logout button is used to disconnect from apps.hva.nl. As a result of the Windows 10 look & feel, however, the logout button is not in the usual place. You log out through the user icon in the start menu or on the taskbar.

Getting your ICT workstation ready for the future

The upgrading of apps.hva.nl is part of the ‘Getting your ICT workstation ready for the future’ programme, under which all ICT workstations at the AUAS are being radically upgraded to ensure that they will continue to work effectively in the future.

Published by  ICT Services 21 November 2023