OneDrive is your secure, personal file storage in the Microsoft 365 cloud. With your AUAS account, you can access your personal documents anytime, anywhere because they are stored online.

OneDrive makes it easy and safe for you to work online:

  • Store your files such as documents, videos and presentations in the cloud; you have 1 Terabyte (or 1000 Gigabytes) of storage space.
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere, on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  • With OneDrive, your documents are always backed up, even if your hard drive crashes or if you lose your laptop.
  • Share your files with colleagues, students and external parties and work in them simultaneously.
  • Do you ever have a meeting in Microsoft Teams? OneDrive lets you share files via the chat.
  • If you install OneDrive on your laptop, you can open your personal files from the explorer on your laptop.

Secure working with two-step verification

Do you want to use OneDrive? Then we ensure your documents are safe with so-called two-step verification. You must set this up yourself when you start using OneDrive. Please make sure to set up two-step verification within two weeks after your first login to Microsoft 365! This allows you to retain access to your OneDrive.

Published by  ICT Services 28 July 2022