On this page you can find information about the grants you can apply for when you go abroad during your studies.

You can apply for the Erasmus grant in case you:

  • are going to study at one of the partner universities of the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition within the EU, including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey
  • do an internship abroad
  • for all the condition - check the Erasmus page.

Green Travel Grant

In case you apply for an Erasmus grant, you can apply for the Green Travel grant as well. Students are rewarded if they travel to their destination with different transportation than by airplane.

For more information see the Erasmus page.

The Holland Scholarship is a one-time allowance of €1250.

You can apply if you:

  • study fulltime at AUAS
  • go abroad for a minimum of 7 weeks and at least 10 ECTS
  • study, do an internship or research in a country outside the EEA
  • are up to date with your grades and courses (no delay)

Additional information

​Students who will follow a minor or internship outside of Europe and who cannot apply for any other scholarship, can apply for the FBSV Scholarship (scholarship of the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition). This one time only scholarship amounts to €250. Each semester a maximum of six students can receive it. You can only apply for this grant when you didn't get the Holland Scholarship.

  • Application deadline for an internship/minor abroad in semester 1: 1 September
  • Application deadline for an internship/minor abroad in semester 2: 1 February

Download this document for more information about the grant and the application procedure.

The VSB scholarship is meant for graduated AUAS students who are planning to continue their studies abroad (within or outside Europe). The next application deadline is 1 March.

You can apply if you have a non-Dutch nationality, you however need to hand in all documents in Dutch and proof that you are connected with the Netherlands.

Read more about the VSB scholarship (only available in Dutch)

In case there is no grant on this webpage for which you meet the application requirements, you can take a look on the Dutch website to see if there is another grant you can apply for. Furthermore, you may be able to apply for a Cultural Treaty scholarship.

Internship or minor in Germany

In case you go to Germany, you may be eligible for the DIA-Stipendium. Please refer to the 'Germany Desk' for the application and questions. You can find more information here (in Dutch).

Studies in the United States

The Fulbright Center offers scholarships to students planning to go to the United States for their studies, mostly for graduate studies (like a master).

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 9 November 2023