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Examination office

The Examination Office oversees the entire process during exam periods. Students can turn to the Service Points at the Fraijlemaborg (FMB) location with any questions about exam periods and the exam timetable.


  • Preparing exam timetables in conjunction with the Timetable Office
  • Taking and issuing exams
  • Facilitate lecturersers when entering and reviewing / analyzing digital exams
  • Providing information on, and support during, the registration periods
  • Ensuring classroom space is available
  • Organisation relating to exam supervisors
  • Calculator rental
  • Publishing registration periods and exam periods on rooster.hva.nl


  • Pieter Claeys - Team coordinator
  • Amira Hamid - Exam coordinator F&A
  • Andrea Poldervaart - Exam coordinator M&O en DeeltijdAcademie
  • Candani Gangaram Panday – Exam coordinator MST
  • Chiara Tdlohreg - Employee FMB
  • Ingeborg Leguyt - Employee FMB and Archive FMB
  • Jacqueline Dorp - Surveillants coordinator
  • Margo Kroezen-Hofstede - Employee WBH and Archive WBH
  • Tuba Özcan - Exam coordinator AMSIB

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16 March 2021