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Isabelle van Loon, head of the Education Office

Isabelle van Loon is head of the Education Office. She leads a team of logistical experts and provides direction to the logistical developments within and outside the Business and Economics faculty.

Her activities consist mainly of:

  • Developing and coaching employees in changing circumstances
  • Translation and implementation of policy into implementation
  • To be the connecting factor between training and support
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration within the staff and its employees, in preparation and / or implementation of policy
  • Giving direction to the AUAS-wide developments and coordinate the AUAS-wide operational management
  • Aligning the scheduling process / use of space of the Amstel Campus
  • Give specific commitment to the collaboration with Facility Service - Education Logistics Office in connection with digital testing
Published by  AZ editors FBE 22 January 2024