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Results administration

The Results Administration (RA) is responsible for making sure that the SIS environment contains the appropriate information for students and lecturers, ensuring that results can be processed in a flexible way, and issuing diplomas and first-year certificates.


  • Entry of relevant information into the SIS environment (completed by SIS specialists), such as:
  • Enrolment of students for regular tests / tests taken for the first time
  • Making lists of marks available in the lecturers’ SIS environment
  • Processing those results that cannot be processed by lecturers in SIS
  • Processing changes to marks after students have had the opportunity to view the marked tests, changes to the assessment criteria, etc. that cannot be processed by lecturers in SIS
  • Process for the issuing of degree certificates (+ providing information to the various degree programmes departments about this)
  • Answering queries and requests from students and lecturers, and supplying any documentation requested, such as certified transcripts of records

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Published by  AZ editors FBE 23 November 2023