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SIS team

The SIS Team populates the Student Information System (SIS) and is responsible for keeping information on the various units of study and degree requirements for students up to date.

SIS specialists provide the entry of relevant information into the SIS environment, such as:

  • When is the test scheduled for?
  • Who needs to be linked to the list of marks?
  • Is this test taking place on a centralised or decentralised level?
  • Should the lecturer be able to change the test date?
  • Which group of students is taking the test? Etc.

The SIS team also provide support with:

  • The sending out the study advice
  • Issuing degree certificates, the Study Check and other administrative processes

They can also request user rights in SIS, and provide explanation and give instruction on how to use SIS. For an overview of test results or courses that students have not passed, contact Jan Bosma.

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Published by  AZ editors FBE 23 November 2023